Friday, February 22, 2019

Haidilao Int holding 6862.HK : Cup and Handle Pattern

Haidilao International holding 6862.HK , one of the popular hotpot restaurants in China and of coz Singapore as well.

Based on chart, Cup and Handle Pattern has been forming.

Business Summary:
Haidilao is one of the leading global and fast-growing Chinese cuisine restaurant brands focusing on hot pot cuisine. Haidilao serves more than 100 million guests a year, with its global restaurant network growing from 112 in 2015 to 273 in 2017. There are more than 300 Haidilao restaurants around the world, with 296 in the People’s Republic of China, 24 in Taiwan and Hong Kong, with the rest in Singapore, Japan, South Korea and USA. It is worth mentioning that there are a total of 8 Haidilao restaurants in Singapore – nearly a third of Haidilao restaurants located outside of China, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

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Phillip Securities is the first broking house in Singapore and Hong Kong to offer customers the Pre-IPO trading channel. The Hong Kong Pre-IPO trading market is a channel provided by Phillip Securities for customers to trade Hong Kong shares one day before their official listing in the Hong Kong Exchange. 

Today is Haidilao International Holding LTD ( Pre-IPO trading day from 4.15pm-6.30pm. Haidilao ’s IPO is priced near the top range at HK$ 17.8, raising approximately HK$7.56 billion (US$963 million). Actual listing on HK exchange is on Wednesday as Tuesday is HK public holiday. 

Haidilao International Holding Ltd is a China-based company principally engaged in the restaurant operation business. The Company is mainly engaged in the operation of hotpot chain restaurants under the brand of Haidilao. The Company is also involved in the takeaway business, as well as the sales of condiments and ingredients. The Company operates its businesses mainly in the domestic market. 

Hong Kong Pre-IPO
Hong Kong Pre-IPO: Haidilao International Holding LTD (
Trading day for HK Pre-IPO market: 24 Sep 2018 Today (Monday)  
Trading hours for HK Pre-IPO market: 4.15pm-6.30
Actual IPO listing: Wednesday as Tuesday is HK public holiday

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