Friday, June 21, 2019

HSBC Holding (0005.HK) Support level at $64.00

Hong Kong market down 136 point today, HSBC (0005.HK) * trading above support level HKD$64.00, *Dividend yield 6.20%, Quarterly distributed
P/E = 13x
Market Cap: 1,329.36B (Yes, it is a giant)

Entry level : HKD64.40
Stop loss : 63.00 (If break below support level)

CFD Trading is available for this HK stock, unlike the normail shares' lot size is 400, CFD lot size is reduced to 1 unit. So you can buy any quantity of shares

i.e 500 shares with 10% margin only SGD559.54. Pls see attached for info.

*Our view only, disclaimer applies *

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