Monday, February 3, 2020

Singapore Bank Stock Good for Dividend? (Compare 3 Bank)

Yes, retirement planning is important and finding a good dividend stocks in singapore is not difficult. Banks are one of the favorite for a retirement portfolio because of the stability of Singapore dollar and also the strong history of Singapore bank.

Currently on the technical chart, they are in Oversold position. This means the price is relatively low compare to the past few months. Based on the past few occurence, the bank rebound nicely after hitting the oversold region.

OCBC $10.71; Dividend Yield 4.43%
DBS $24.94; Dividend Yield 4.73%
UOB $25.66; Dividend Yield 4.09%
Source: Stock Analytics.

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By Caleb Gan (Phillip Securities Stock Broker & CFD Specialist)