Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Open Account to Trade Crude Oil CFD in Singapore with Phillip Future

Crude oil drop to $20, that is so crazy! How to open a MT5 Trading account to trade Crude Oil in Singapore, many people is asking this question and we have just found the answer.

Crude Oil CFD is a smaller contract as compare to Crude oil future, so you can participate with a lower capital. Click on the video to learn more!

Thank you for your interest, this is a short guide for Online account opening of a Phillip Future Account

Things to prepare or take note before you proceed: 

1. Must use Google Chrome (prefer laptop but can try on mobile phone) 

2. Singpass login is require 

3. Choose your account: (click 3rd option) Future Account & Forex/Bullion/CFD Account

4. How do you know about Phillip Future: Phillip Trading Rep/Financial Advisor/AE

5. Pls state the account number & full name: VJF - Gan Chai Leng 

6. Prepare your Bank name & Bank Account number to be filled up later 

7. Latest bank statement soft copy to be uploaded later (keep the soft copy in your phone or laptop) 

8. CKA & CAR must fill up to pass before you can trade future products 

If you are ready, just click the link to apply the future account now:

PS: I’m just helping you to open account. Phillip Future Broker will email their main contact when your Phillip Future is opened

If you got any question, please contact us via the QR code in the video above or click this link to whatsapp us