Monday, December 15, 2014

Mid Cap Property Wing Tai & Ho Bee

Last friday we did a scan on stock that give us a first orange candle in our SuperTrend system, WingTai came out as one of the result, this show that Wingtai is going on a Downtrend again. Though it is nothing new that this stock is going on a downtrend, but we see if STI is current still at 3200-3350 region and this stock is already at its low(Weak stock). Most likely this stock is going to fall further if STI is going down(weaker market)

On the other hand, we see the other similar company Ho Bee Land, previously Ho Bee trend up from 1.00 all the way up to 2.40, follow by a downtrend for 6month, currently it is at the 1.90 support, a further downside is expected if price break the critical support at 1.90

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