Wednesday, December 10, 2014

SGX to introduce reduced board lot size from 19 January 2015

Board lot sizes of the following products will be reduced to 100 units:
(i) Ordinary shares, including shares traded on GlobalQuote;
(ii) Real estate investment trusts and business trusts;
(iii) Company warrants;
(iv) Structured warrants;
(v) Extended settlement contracts; and
(vi) SPDR STI ETF and ABF SG Bond Fund.

Existing counters of the above said products with board lot sizes of 100 or less units will remain unchanged. The board lot sizes of existing temporary trading counters (e.g. rights shares) will also remain unchanged.

For products that are currently listed in multiple counters of different lot sizes, the counters with a current board lot size of 100 units or more will be delisted and the stock code will no longer be in use. Holdings will be consolidated with the standard lot size counter.

SingTel is currently traded in board lots of 1,000, 100 and 10 units. After the reduction of board lot size, SingTel will only be traded in board lots of 100 and 10 units.

Board lot sizes of the following products will remain unchanged:
(i) Exchange Traded Funds (ETF), except SPDR STI ETF and ABF SG Bond Fund;
(ii) American Depositary Receipts (ADR); and
(iii) fixed income instruments, including retail bonds, Singapore Government Securities and preference shares.

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