Monday, December 28, 2015

Market Updates 28 December 2015

STI up 4 out of 4 trading day last week, break the 10 days high, closed at 2878 last week, also closed above the 20days moving average, this is a good sign as we have not seen STI above the 20ma for a long time. This probably is due to year end window dressing as Fund manager would like to sell away the lacklustre small cap stocks and buy in bluechip as the year is closing.

STI,上周连涨4个交易日, 破10日高点,闭市在2878,也成功的站上20日的均线,这个星期蓝筹股有望看涨。可能基金经理会做橱窗粉饰,把2,3线的股票卖掉,换一下较好的蓝筹股。

2 weeks ago mention on 958 that we should monitor banks stock if there is interest rate hike, now it finally move, we can continue to monitor bank stocks as they are most beneficial to the interest rate hike.

Dow at risk of having its first down year since 2008, few days more to end the 2015 and it could be the smallest grow in US stock market since 2008, 2015 form a strong resistance at 18350, for the whole year, the Dow Jones index did not manage to break above 18350 level, this show that the bull run is slowing down and it is not a good sign for 2016

道指自2008年,每年都创新高,眼看就过多天,2015年就要结束了,这可能是自2008年以来最小副的镇长, 道指在18350较强阻力,全年,道琼斯指数没能突破18350水平,这表明,牛市行情正在放缓,对2016年的展望不是一个好兆头