Sunday, December 6, 2015

Two Weak US Counter Available to Short in PhillipCFD


Groupon has tumbled by more than 65% year to date, owing to weak financial results and an uncertain future outlook. 

However, if you followed ART Position Trade short at $7.60, 60% unrealized profit as compared peak price at $8.30. For the simplicity comparison we ignored additional short signal along the trend (The profit will be more than over 60%!). Is there any possibility for you to better than our system that captured more than 60%?.If you think no then our ART system will be beneficial to you. If you are not convinced the system is better than you lets share more examples.

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Micron Technology

Leading memory chip maker Micron Technology has seen a more than 50% decline in its stock price so far this year. While the weak macro environment and adverse currency headwinds have in general slowed down growth in the semiconductor industry, Micron’s business is primarily being impacted by the oversupply situation and declining prices in the DRAM market. 

As far as you can see our system trend system does reflects macro economic changes in the market, Micron Technology's main revenue is based on exporting the chips. The share price is surged due to the appreciation of USD. Our ART position trade system captured the price falling trend grants you 40% profit when you short this counter.

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