Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Be Aware of Shenzhen Hong Kong stock Connect

Be aware of this Shenzhen Hong Kong stock connect (the First time, China open up to individual investor to buy Shenzhen Share) 中国第一次开放深港通 because most people regretted during the previous Shanghai Hong Kong stock connect, some regret of not know it earlier where the Shanghai Index move from 2100 to 5178, the FASTEST and STRONGEST bull i have even seen.

Don't go in when it is going up too steeply, the index latter fall from 5178 back to 2650. See the chart below, do you thing it is high or low now? Is it an opportunity? Its time to learn about the China market! 中国第一次开放深港通是机会吗?现在是时候了解中国市场!

How to invest in Hong Kong China Stock (Click the date below to Register) 如何投资香港中国股票讲座(点日期注册)

Register: 2 Dec 2016 (Friday) English Seminar or 

Register: 9 Dec 2016 (Friday) 中文讲座 (中国A股和香港股市初学)

When is the Shenzhen Hong Kong stock Connect start? 深港通什么时候开始?5 December 2016, Monday 0930hr Singapore timing.

Will Shenzhen Stock connect have positive impact to the China stock market? 开放深港通连接对中国股市有影响吗?
With current market sentiment, the chart is showing positive sign, beginning of this year the market was totally lifeless, now things become more promising as we saw most stock has been rising. Big bank like Morgan Stanley raises target for Shanghai index to 4400 for 2017. 香港和中国股票可能上涨,请看上图中国上海指数

How can you get started? 如何学习交易香港和中国股票?To get everyone ready, my team have set up a special seminar to talk about this topic.

In this session, you will learn:
  • How to Get Started investing with China Share
  • The Impact of MSCI inclusion for China Stocks
  • Shenzhen Hong Kong Link - What stock, ETF & Unit Trust to look at?
  • How to get FREE Real time price for Hong Kong & China Shares
  • Where to read Free Research Report and Stock recommendation from Financial Analysts
  • Things to avoid when trading China Share
  • Individual Stock Analysis
  • CFD introduction for China A-Shares & Hong Kong shares 
As the demand of this even is very high right now, i suggest you register a seat right now before it is fully book. So go ahead and click the link below to register now. 如何投资香港中国股票讲座(点日期注册)

Register: 2 Dec 2016 (Friday) English

Register: 9 Dec 2016 (Friday) 中文讲座

  • Time: 7pm - 9:30pm (Registration starts at 6:30pm)
  • Fee: Free Admission 
  • Venue: Level 6, Presentation Room, Raffles City Tower, 250 North Bridge Road, City Hall MRT (Exit A)