Monday, April 3, 2017

Singpost - How is this Stock doing?

STI up since last year November from 2800 to now 3150, but Singpost drop from 1.60 to 1.30. few reason for the drop
1) The recent report in Feburary is not good, Underlying profit for Q3 down by 28%, EPS 1.28 cents per share, down from 1.84 cents same quarter a year ago. 
2) Profit attributed to shareholder down by 28.2%
3) Investor move from defensive play to aggressive play, funds move to stock with more growth. Defensive sector is not in favor.

Looking at the Chart, Singpost long term trend is weak as it is below the 200 days moving average( currently at $1.46, mid term it is not good as it is weaker than the market (comparing last 3 month with STI)

However, for short term the stock seems to be rebounding, I will not sell if the stock is going up now, however, if the stock market turn weak and Singpost start to move down again I will sell away.