Thursday, November 18, 2010

STI outlook, Marine and Oil&gas Sector

STI close at 3215, after diving for 3 consective day, i think the the bull is about time to strike back. Today we see some strength of rebounding in Marine and Oil&gas sector, I suggest that if market rebound tomorrow, we should pick the strongest stocks in this 2 sector.

NOL, today up 4cents, closed $2.18. We have a swing setup, Entry at $2.19 Target $2.32 exit:2.12, Timeframe: 3-5days. Good risk/reward ratio. Will buy for long term if breaks 2.40

My previous post CoscoCorp still valid, Sembmar is also strong, but setup already triggered.

ChinaAoil, uptrend stocks with swing setup, Entry:1.61, Target 1.71, Exit: 1.57, 3-5days trade.

Goldenagri also good have setup, Entry 0.725, target 0.78, Exit: 0.695, Timeframe 3-5days