Monday, November 8, 2010

StraitsAsia, Hyflux, First Reit, Sembmar ,Osim

Can consider to buy the stocks on the left if it break prior day high. If you are holding any of it, can consider to add position

Hyflux gap up above down trendline, changing trend. Good sign

First Reit: as what i posted, this stock gives good dividend and capital gain

StraitsAsia, gap up today follow by a big white candle. A breakout of this symmetrical triangle signify bullishness in this stocks. Consider to buy for mid-long term if it break prior day high.

Sembmar gap up today above the resistance, can consider to buy it tml break prior day high. Alot ppl may think this stock is expensive, think again, look at what happen to kepland which i previously posted.

Osim today up again, can consider to top up if it break prior day high. previous post on osim