Thursday, November 25, 2010

Osim, Market outlook 2

Hisaka had a ascending triangle breakout, if you can see the time and sales, the breakout actually happened near closing, hence signify that traders are bullish about the next day's opening. A ascending triangle breakout is a continuous pattern, meaning the uptrend will continue. This is a 40cents stocks,high volatility, if you are investing, please do your money management. know how much you will lose if hit your stop loss. Suggested stoploss will be 0.39. Entry 4.15, mid-long term trade.

Osim, one of my favourite, it is now 1.46 already, i did a search for my first post on this stocks in september, and that time was only 1.05. If you have followed and traded using cfd(leverage), you should have made more than 50% of you capital.
Tml can enter again, the 6times to add position, due to the current market outlook, i suggest we add minimum position into this stock. Next resistance 1.67

Market outlook: Again be patience, market is now behaving like the correction in august, need more time to recover. Once it is back, we will have plenty of opportunity to buy again.

So how to have many good stocks like Osim? Example: Alot of times, people start investing by buying 3-5 stocks(lets say 5 la), after sometimes, market corrects and we will see 4 out of 5 stocks lose money. So what will a normal person do? A normal person will sell the 1 stocks that has made money(put profit money in pocket is safer ma), and keep the 4 stocks that is having small losses.(they call it holding power, so no worries). After sometimes, opportunity comes and they don't have money to buy again because they are still holding on to the losers. Ironically,the right way to do is the opposite, what a good trader do is to sell off the loser first, and keep the winner, and add position to the stocks that has always been making money. If you keep doing this way, eventually you will have a portfolio of all the good stocks, which u can call them your good employees.

With regards to my previous post which i have posted a long list of stocks that have underperformed. Those are the bad employees that will make you lose money, if your stocks is not inside the list means they didnt drop much during market plunge, keep them, they are the good ones.