Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Market overdue for correction, Starhub, RafflesMG, Kep Corp

Market is overdue for correction (a slight one maybe), STI up 7days in a row. I have already liquidate 50% of my holding, waiting to buy after pull back. Please be cautious.

The list of stocks u can consider to buy tml, only buy if it breaks prior day high. If tml it never break, wait for another day, if never break prior day high for 6day then forget about it. (good stocks normally won't drop more than 5days) All is for mid-long term trade(2week-2month)

Starhub, one of my favorite defensive stock, can consider to add position it breaks prior day high. check out all my previous post on starhub

Genting hk, after sideway movement for sometime, finally wake up today, can consider to enter if it break prior day high.

Kep Corp, consistently making higher and higher high.
RafflesMG, back in play again, if you follow my previous post on sell, now is time to buy back.
CWT, near supporting trendline, just bounce off 200ma, look safe.