Monday, July 8, 2013

Kreuz Holding & UOL group turn bullish

Kreuz Holding closed $0.725 on Friday, has been on a upward momentum since beginning of last week. Maybe is due to the rising of the oil price, Oil and gas sector is now the strongest sector that we should be looking at. Among the other oil and gas related stocks, Kreuz has been outperforming many others in the last  12 month. Rising almost 3 fold. Mid term trend is currently up, one may consider to trade this counter if the price break above prior day high and stoploss at $0.625.

UOL Group closed $6.72 on friday, this stock has been one of the most consistent trending stock look at the ART position trade system, every time the red bar turn blue. there is actually potential to rice agan.. Though property market is weak, UOL manage to have a strong rebound. This could be because the  boss is buying it (look at pic below). One may consider to Long this counter if tomorrow price break above prior day high. Stoploss can place at $5.90