Thursday, July 4, 2013

Short Term Weakness resurge

With STI down 43point today ended at 3129.49, we see that big boys are playing safe for the US holiday(independence day) by taking profit today. Today's sell down basically show us that some of the sector is weaker than the rest. On our Routine scan, we found some stocks that is showing short term weakness. These are stocks that has been in downtrend for some time, today there is a short signal for short term trade. **trigger only if price beak below the prior day low. We realise that quite many is from Property Sector!! Capitacomm, capitaland, capitamall, kepland, OUE, UE, Yanlord!
Yanlord close at $1.215, if you follow our system you could have started shorting at $1.40(20% gain!). Currently near the short term support, with recent rebound, some people might have bought into it, however today market reverse, these people who bought yesterday is now Stuck, tomorrow if price break below prior day low, one might consider to enter short on this counter, stoploss at $1.26.

 ChipEngSeng closed at $0.685 previously exited at 0.765(10% Gain). you could have exited earlier using our system before the stock dropped. today it show slight weakness, can consider shorting if price break below 0.685. Stoploss at $0.715 for short term trade.