Thursday, January 23, 2014

Can We trust Noble Group Trend?

Noble Group is definitely not a great stocks to buy and hold on to for the past 2 years. If you are doing a mid term trend following trade, Noble Grp is now falling into bearish zone, we see that Noble Grp usually trend very well in bull or bear market and it is actually profitable if you go long and short at the right directions. However, what we know is many people are STUCK in this stocks, some as high as $2.00. So why people get stuck in stocks? After years of studying and helping my client to fix this kind of problem, i came to some conclusion.

1) No Exit plan - When we enter a trade, we have a preset exit plan. We follow our system to get in and get out. We understand that not every time we will win but if we spot a trend, we will follow till the end. Most people dont have a exit plan, so they always sell their winner at small gain and hold on to the losers till a bigger loss that make them go mad and sell at the lowest point.

2) Loss is too big - If you cannot cut loss if your losses is too big, it means your position size is too large. you underestimated the movement of the stocks.

3) Bad Habit - Buy/sell base on feeling, average your losers, follow other people's trade. Lack of self confident, cannot follow own plan etc.. Most people enter stocks base on FEELING, the fact is the feeling you get is what the BIG boys want you to feel. If you have been consistently losing in the market, it is impossible for you to change overnight and become a millionaire even you have the best system in the market. Bad habit takes years to change, you have to find a coach that push you towards the right mindset  and good practice.

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