Wednesday, January 29, 2014

YangziJiang at support, Can CapitaMall be a dark horse?

YangZiJiang Appeared on our screen last evening, showing that it is currently at the supporting level of $1.16. Any price below this we will risk of further downside. As current price and the possible stop loss price is quite near, This means that we can buy more risking the same amount of dollars, this will further results a better risk/rewards. Stoploss $1.15

Our newly developed scanner Black Horse Scanner allow you scan out stocks that rise alot in next few days. Today we saw big volume and price rise on Capitamall's chart. Will this be a sign of further upside? This stocks is up for the past 5 trading days(price up because people are buying, and comparing with STI's chart, this counter is stronger that the market. Stoploss 1.84