Monday, January 20, 2014

Ezra - Big sell down after profit down 6%

Looking at the chart, our system shows an exits when price break $1.36 support, our system shows a trend change in the price action. This is something that the system do, and usually a normal person cannot do. Which is to Exit before a crash. However a user of the trading system, at the point that system shows an exit, we will follow the system rather than our own feeling as we already backtested the system numerous times with different stocks. 

Few things our system must do:

1) Entry and Exits
2) Tell us how much is the risk, Risk per trade, Total Risk
3) Ride a trend up and down with profits but not Emotions
4) Give us enough time to execute the trade buy or sell. No point having a system that is faster than your finger.
5) Do as little trade as we can to achieve high profit. (We have enough work in the office, I rather trade less if the results is indifferent. Less is more!)
6) When to add positions

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