Friday, March 14, 2014

Black Horse Scan - Giken, Olam, AusGroup, GP hotel

Did you mananage to catch these stock like Giken, Olam, AusGroup, GP hotel? We got the best scanner you need in this market, it simply help you to filter out the  most potential stocks for short term trading.

You can catch the stock move like a Guru!

We will tell you more in our upcoming seminar. Do register now!
Date: 13 Mar 2014, Thu (English Seminar)  7pm - 10pm
            14 Mar 2014, Fri (华文讲座) 7pm - 10pm

Date: 20 Mar 2014, Thu (English Seminar)  7pm - 10pm
          21 Mar 2014, Fri (华文讲座) 7pm - 10pm

Venue: 141 Cecil Street, Tung Ann Association Building #07-02 S(069541) Tanjong Pagar MRT Exit G, walk straight 80m, opposite the traffic light

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