Friday, May 8, 2015

Did you make money on YuuZoo?

Recently we saw this stock getting very active in the market. Everyone is talking about it, trading it and asking about it. But the question to those who trade it, Did you make money on Yuuzoo? Most of the people we see trading this stock has been losing big on Yuuzoo and only the very minority make money from it.

Below are some reasons why some people actually lose money on Yuuzoo, 

1) Buying a Downtrend stock, if you are using our Supertrend system on Yuuzoo, the stock chart already tell you it is downtrend since December and still downtrending now.

2) For an experience trader, usually they will not hold on to penny stock, especially the losing trade. Most will control their losses and move on to NEXT better trade. as the old saying goes ''Never fall in love with your stock''

3) ''Losers Average Losers'' Never average down on a losing counter. Buy stock as if you are buying a business, do not invest more money on a losing money business.

Yuuzoo resistance now is at 0.22, unless there is a force to break this resistance, if not downtrend remain downtrend.

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