Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Yuuzoo up 45% since our previous post

Last week on 17 November, we post Yuuzoo signaling that there is a change in trend if the stock can close above 0.35, today Yuuzoo is already trading at 0.515, up 45% from 0.35. 
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 Currently Yuuzoo is running fast on strong uptrend, some may ask how can you take profit?
There are few ways you can protect your profit
1) Yuuzoo is making new high every day and Higher low every day, put a stoploss at previous day low.
2) Take half profit now, keep the other half on trailing stop below previous day low/ 2day low
3) Take half profit and keep other half on trailing stop using 10 days moving average, sell if price fall below 10days moving average.