Friday, November 21, 2014

OCBC due for 10% Profit taking

Since the previous correction, we have see OCBC rally 10% from its bottom, we are proud to say that our system have successfully caught the bottom of the Market again, and successfully help many of our friends to buy OCBC at $9.57, now it is up near 10% we see that there might be a high chance that Fund managers that entered at the low price might want to secure some profit, putting some profit in their pocket. If you look at the above chart, most of the rally is between 5-10%. after that price goes into not so exciting trend.

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On 17 Oct, Our Bottom Master system shows signal on OCBC and M1, 20 Oct, bottom master signal for ChipEngS and SarineTech, successfully help us catch the bottom. To find out more on the method to catch bottom, do catch us on our upcoming seminar!