Monday, November 3, 2014

3 US Trending Stock - BLL, CNI, DIS

 Ball Corp is in a position for swing trade, mid term and long term uptrending, currently near support area, trend might change if price fall below 62.70.

 Canadian National Railways Co, this company has been uptrending for quite a while, recently had a deep correction as US market fall 9%, Our system give us an exit signal before the big fall, now it is back to Green candle again, hence the stock might continue its bullish trend. Support at $65, 

Disney (DIS), we posted this stock in March when it was just 79, now it is already 91. Uptrend still intact and the stock has break into new high. If following our system, you can ride the trend safely with stoploss. Current Support is at $85

We trade the trend, Ride the trend till the end. Cut loss if price fall below support. Trade the system, not your emotion.

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