Thursday, October 24, 2013

Why some Unit Trust is Still worth buying? Are you Investing in China Recovery?

Why some Unit Trust is Still worth buying?

Dividend Yield: Instead of keeping money in the bank or CPF, where else can you invest for better "interest" or "dividend". There are some funds that give monthly dividend or quarterly dividend. These are good for Retirement Income planning. More over, the best part i like about unit trust is you can "Diversify with small amount of money","start small" and "invest regularly"
Outperform ETF or Index. The fund manager "has been" doing better than you!

Are you investing in China Recovery?
First State Regional China (Capital Gain, Outperform China ETF A50)
Annualized Performance (24oct 2014) Pls click above link for latest performance.
To achieve long-term capital appreciation by investing all or substantially all of its assets in the First State Greater China Growth Fund (a Dublin-domiciled fund) which invests primarily in securities issued by companies with either assets in, or revenues derived from, the People's Republic of China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.
PeriodPerformance Returns (%)Volatility (%)Return/Volatility Ratio
1 Year17.116411.98701.4279
2 Years15.295512.89941.1858
3 Years4.486414.27810.3142
5 Years14.986617.54800.8540
10 Years12.126818.85740.6431

If you do the Comparison with United China A50 ETF which most people buy. Do you see the Different in performance in 1year 3year and 5year?
Investment Objective :Annualized Performance (24oct 2014) Pls click above link for latest performance.
United SSE 50 China ETF is an exchange-traded investment fund incorporated inSingapore. The aim of the Fund is to closely match the performance of the ChinaSSE 50 Index. The Fund invests in a type of market access product named P-notes(Participatory notes) issued by suitably rated P-notes issuer(s), linked to acomposite portfolio comprising the A-shares that match the SSE 50 Index.
PeriodPerformance Returns (%)Volatility (%)Risk Adjusted Performance
1 Year2.580618.70390.1380
2 Years0.316017.63860.0179
3 Years-9.985318.4975-0.5398
10 YearsNANANA
Coming next.. we will discuss more on other Unit trust which consistently outperform market.
First state Dividend advantage(Quarterly dividend, 4%)
Nikko AM shenton(monthly dividend), Outperform STI ETF

More information on the Unit Trust and the Market can be found in

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