Friday, October 25, 2013

Yoma - Mid term going higher

Yoma closed 0.78 on Thursday, Our system show a blue arrow indicating a potential buy if it break the previous day high. Right now for mid term, the chart pattern is still not a confirm uptrend(got higher high, but not higher low), however now price is also relatively closer to the support of 0.70 when price is at the recent low.

Latest News on Yoma:
Yoma: To run Volkswagen's first service centre in Myanmar. Yoma Strategic's 70%-owned German Car Industries Company (GCI) has entered into a service partner agreement with Volkswagen Aktiengesellschaft to operate Volkswagen's first service centre in Myanmar, which is scheduled to start operations in October this year. The service centre currently operated by GCI will provide maintenance and repair services for Volkswagen vehicles, including the sale of genuine vehicle parts to existing vehicle owners. (Source: The Business Times) 

Latest Insider Trade
Aberdeen is doing the Fundamental for you, with professional fund manager invested at recent price, they must have see something good in this company. Last round, Aberdeen bought in April and May around 0.81 and 0.835. Sold at 0.925 in June.

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